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The Brownderosa   .   7369 Kate Ave.  Sparta, WI  54656   .   608-487-1964

2008 National Winners:
        Brownderosa's Infineon - ALSA National Champion 2yr MW Male
        Brownderosa's Daytona - ALSA National Champion 2yr LW Female
        Brownderosa's Aerodynamics - ALSA National Champion 1yr LW Male AND Grand Ch LW Male

2009 National Winners:

      Rebelicious - ALSA National Champion 2yr HW Female AND Grand Champ HW Female

2010 National Winners:
Foothills Capriosa - ALSA National Champion 2yr LW Female AND Grand Champ LW Female

2011 National Winners:
       Aploz - ILRSD National Champion LW Adult Male AND Grand Champ LW Male
        Channing - ILRSD National Champion LW Female AND Grand Champ LW Female
        Encrypted - ILRSD National Reserve Champion Juvenile Silky Male
        Mystery's Jezebel - ILRSD National Reserve Champion Juvenile Silky Female
        MML Fearless - ILRSD National Champion Silky 2yr Male
        Mudhollow Sassy - ILRSD National Reserve Champion Classic Adult Female
        Brownderosa's Harvick - ILRSD National Reserve Champion 2yr Non-Breeder
        Brownderosa's He's Amazing - ILRSD National Champion Adult Suri Male
        Senor Solamente Una Vez - ILRSD Nat'l Res Champ Classic Adult Male AND ResChamp Classic Male        

2012 National Winners:
         Aploz's Anticipation - National Champion 2yr LW Female