Llamas For Sale

Llamas are perhaps one of the most diverse livestock available!

We made a personal choice to focus on high end Ccara type Pack Llamas, focusing on excellent conformation and proving their abilities on the trail.  We strongly believe that the effort we put into training our pack llamas benefits their new owners whether they want pets, performance animals or show stock. The animals are well socialized and managable, and most all are used for 4H kids as well. We have many llamas available each year that are sold as pets, guard animals, performance animals, or as we like to call them, pasture ornaments or as a friend calls them, yard art. Call them what you like, but love them just the same.  Regardless of your reason for purchasing a llama, we want to help find the right llama for you!  We offer multiple animal discounts, 4H/FFA discounts.  Click on the photos below for more information on an individual animal.
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