About Us

The Brownderosa Llamas was established in 1994 with the purchase of a guard llama for our sheep, and our first breeding stock purchases came in 1997. Now the sheep have been replaced with over 40 llamas selected and bred for superior conformation and strong maternal milk production. We have been proud to breed and show several ILR-Show Division and ALSA National Champions since we started showing in 2000. We credit our success to a good understanding of genetics, good nutrition and herd maintenance programs, good training and just plain good luck! We feel that showing benefits the animals not only in promotion, but in improved socializing of the animals so they adapt well to new homes.

Cranberry Hobbes, our 1st llama, guarding our lambs


Leon Valley Veterinary Services

The Brownderosa is also home to the Leon Valley Veteriary Services, a large animal veterinary clinic specializing in camelid medicine, surgery and reproduction services. Call the clinic at (608)-269-3292 for veterinary questions or to schedule an appointment.  Click here to view our website

Llamas - the Lifestyle Livestock

We took our first llama packing trip in 2008 on the Swan Divide in Montana and that has led us to enjoy and pursue llama hiking/packing. We hiked in Silverton Colorado in 2011 and in the Gros Ventre Wilderness in Wyoming in 2012.  These experiences has convinced us to expand The Brownderosa to include guided llama hikes and pack trips here in western Wisconsin. Our first trip was in September 2012 at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve and we have other trips available for the fall of 2012.  Llama trekking is a lifestlye choice that encourages healthy exercise and enjoyment of the outdoors. For more information on our guided trips, see www.midwestllamapacking.com.