About Us

The Brownderosa Llamas was established in 1994 with the addition of a guard llama for our sheep, and our first breeding stock purchases came in 1997. Now the sheep have been replaced with  approximately 30 llamas selected and bred for superior conformation, athleticism and strong maternal milk production. All of our breeding stock are trained to pack and everything born on the farm is used for our 4H program.  Our training program includes socialization, interaction with many people and encountering other animals on the trail and in public settings.  


We took our first llama packing trip in 2008 on the Swan Divide in Montana and we were hooked.  Since then, we have packed with llamas in Oregon, Colorado and Wyoming.  These trips inspired and fueled a new passion and the outfitters we packed with provided knowledge and encouragement.  These experiences has convinced us to expand The Brownderosa to include guided llama hikes and pack trips here in western Wisconsin.  Llama trekking is a lifestlye choice that encourages exercise and enjoyment of the outdoors. For more information on our guided trips, see www.midwestllamapacking.com.